Le sable pour sortilège

« Travailler le sable , c’est sculpter à l’envers, c’est “ressouder” les grains entre eux , et modeler la pierre. Ce n’est pas creuser, mais construire un nouveau volume, dans toute sa fragilité. » Ainsi Oona gwelloc’h évoque t’elle son plaisir à minutieusement, doucement, bouleverser la nature. Sans jamais, bien sûr, lui manquer de respect.

Le sable, donc: L’artiste le colore, pigments en poudre minérale, ou végétale, qui soudain font corps et âme avec les grains, alliance chaude, mate, d’une inégalable profondeur, plongée ensorcelante d’une nature vers une autre, comme une évocation des cycles de transformation, après la Vie , la mort, et de nouveau la vie.

Entre peinture et sculpture, ensuite, il s’agit de travailler la matière en fines couches successives, mille feuilles instinctivement composé, au fil d’un geste inlassablement répété, mouvement méditatif grâce auquel atteindre une dimension inédite, de l’infiniment petit -le grain- à l’infiniment grand - le cosmos- de l’hier au toujours, de la réalité à l’intemporel.

Empreints de thèmes symboliques ou mythologiques, Les « sablés » d’ Oona gwelloc’h racontent tous une histoire d’outre-monde, fossiles d’art qui disent l’au-delà. Un au-delà serein, d’emblée inscrit dans l’éternité.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A birth ....

is about two days, that the carving is finished, the first Telling of this Tale is over . ( sight)

For the last two days, we have been looking each other. Getting to know each other in silence, now! By feelings and by touches , caresses even, rubbing on her the sacred Bee wax and oils for protection, healing and feeding, we are both tired of the Telling! The Silence is saying much more about what we have been true in this Tale , the presence that she has now, is beautiful, there is pride in me and also sadness, there is in Her the wings that I carved in her , myself! She is going to fly away from me.

I maybe can feel today what a mother is feeling when she knows that her child will go away soon ! It's full of tenderness ...

I do not have to many words for now, I also believe that the Ally that will come to take Her , should be the first to hear the Tale , and maybe to him or her to repeat it in her own way!

I know it will take a little time for her to fly away, then I look forward to take good care of her! :) Love her and cherish her , like a Mother to a child ! .... But, I really do not know who is who!? It feels like we are "the mother and the child" to an other , as we are " the teacher and the student", as we are " the story teller and the listener" ... but all helpers are getting quieter and quieter , slowly moving back to rest as well ! ... It is just her and I , and I know that This is a special time ! :)

When she will be ready to go, I will be happy! Because I know that she strong enough to be a life long friend to an other , and that her tale is just beginning ! :)

please open your eyes and Hear the tale, then close your eyes and See it ! :)