Le sable pour sortilège

« Travailler le sable , c’est sculpter à l’envers, c’est “ressouder” les grains entre eux , et modeler la pierre. Ce n’est pas creuser, mais construire un nouveau volume, dans toute sa fragilité. » Ainsi Oona gwelloc’h évoque t’elle son plaisir à minutieusement, doucement, bouleverser la nature. Sans jamais, bien sûr, lui manquer de respect.

Le sable, donc: L’artiste le colore, pigments en poudre minérale, ou végétale, qui soudain font corps et âme avec les grains, alliance chaude, mate, d’une inégalable profondeur, plongée ensorcelante d’une nature vers une autre, comme une évocation des cycles de transformation, après la Vie , la mort, et de nouveau la vie.

Entre peinture et sculpture, ensuite, il s’agit de travailler la matière en fines couches successives, mille feuilles instinctivement composé, au fil d’un geste inlassablement répété, mouvement méditatif grâce auquel atteindre une dimension inédite, de l’infiniment petit -le grain- à l’infiniment grand - le cosmos- de l’hier au toujours, de la réalité à l’intemporel.

Empreints de thèmes symboliques ou mythologiques, Les « sablés » d’ Oona gwelloc’h racontent tous une histoire d’outre-monde, fossiles d’art qui disent l’au-delà. Un au-delà serein, d’emblée inscrit dans l’éternité.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magic Circle's tool !

This two objects have no name yet! Long ago in Ancient Celtic art book , I saw an object made of bone, that had this kind of shape ! I wondered what it was made for ? It is call "trial" piece by archeologists, presuming that it was a trial piece for bronzesmiths, but no residue of bronze was ever found in it.

Over the last year. I have been struggling with a way to make my own magic circle, I thought about different ways to call the spirits in without having to stand at the four directions ! Humming is part of my practice , but I didn't feel the spark that I need for a circle , something was missing ! I knew that it was a "tool" but what can create this spark !?
Then I saw a video of Cassandra Latham , a practicing which from Cornwall. In this video she is spinning over her head a similar shaped tool attach to a thread ( it is seems ) ... and that I her way to create a circle and call the spirit helpers, when doing a magical act. ... It really talks to me !
I try to contact Cassandra Latham , but did not get any answer ! ... Since , I did two , and I'm still looking into the shape that whistles the best . These two are doing the job , creating the spark I was looking for , and I must say it helps me to practice more and in a simple way , I do really feel that spirits are responding to the Whistle ! :)


  1. Greetings Oonagh,

    I am happy to announce I have some tools to begin working on a small project of some kind next week. Alas though I have a more urgent project to finish over the next 3 weeks and so my carving will be at an un-even pace.

    I like the way this new site of yours is turning out. The wand maker has been quiet for the moment as other pursuits take my time. However I do seem to making some posts over at hedge druid.

    I feel a connection with the method described - in calling a spirit. It reminds me of how Don Juan (in the Native American Shamanism works of Carlos Castanada) describes how he found/created and used a "spirit catcher".

    O, also I will send you an email so you have my email address.

    Many blessings,


  2. Dear Kal ,
    I remember when I got my first set of micro craving tools! so exciting time ! I look forward to see your work! :) ... Congratulation !
    I would love to talk to you about these " circle tools", it is more an instinct ( again) than anything else ! But it seems to work ! Like I said there is a fever in me, since a little while now , and inputs are flowing my way, but I need to manage them better than I do ... still and always be in the learning process, as we know ! ;) but no I do not remember Don Juan spirit catcher!? Hope you will tell me more about it !?

    touching posts of yours on the hedge druid blog , beautiful endeavor too! :) ... I really enjoy , and since a while now , reading you !
    Have a glorious day .

  3. Hi Oonagh, what you describe reminds me of what I have seen Aborigine or Maorie (can't remember which of the twoo) do in calling spirits. They are wonderful looking too.

  4. Hi Els , Thank you and yes , I'm discovering a fantastic ritualistic object that has been found all over the world ! Aborigines , maori , anciant greek and also celtic !! :D ... but as much as Apache , Zunis of americas! I'm going to post all what I discovered today about it , the name is mainly a "Bull-roarer" .
    Nice of you to drop by ! :) BB .