Le sable pour sortilège

« Travailler le sable , c’est sculpter à l’envers, c’est “ressouder” les grains entre eux , et modeler la pierre. Ce n’est pas creuser, mais construire un nouveau volume, dans toute sa fragilité. » Ainsi Oona gwelloc’h évoque t’elle son plaisir à minutieusement, doucement, bouleverser la nature. Sans jamais, bien sûr, lui manquer de respect.

Le sable, donc: L’artiste le colore, pigments en poudre minérale, ou végétale, qui soudain font corps et âme avec les grains, alliance chaude, mate, d’une inégalable profondeur, plongée ensorcelante d’une nature vers une autre, comme une évocation des cycles de transformation, après la Vie , la mort, et de nouveau la vie.

Entre peinture et sculpture, ensuite, il s’agit de travailler la matière en fines couches successives, mille feuilles instinctivement composé, au fil d’un geste inlassablement répété, mouvement méditatif grâce auquel atteindre une dimension inédite, de l’infiniment petit -le grain- à l’infiniment grand - le cosmos- de l’hier au toujours, de la réalité à l’intemporel.

Empreints de thèmes symboliques ou mythologiques, Les « sablés » d’ Oona gwelloc’h racontent tous une histoire d’outre-monde, fossiles d’art qui disent l’au-delà. Un au-delà serein, d’emblée inscrit dans l’éternité.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Tree ! :)

This little tree was a commission work , the new owner permit me to show it and share it here :
I'm very happy to know that he is going soon to meet this lovely person , I know he will be in very good hands ! :)

Few words from Happy tree's friend and owner :

"I am absolutely delighted with my Tree of Life pendant that Ooonagh has made with such love and care. She really takes time to find out about you as a person and what your likes and needs are and she begins by meditating upon them before she even begins to draw the design. Working closely with you, you are involved in all stages of the work so the finished product becomes totally unique and very special. I am thrilled with what she has crafted for me and will treasure the pendant and the kindness of Oonagh who has taken such trouble to make something that is not just a pendant but a powerful talisman for me to take on my spiritual journey."

( a special thanks from me , it is such a pleasure to work with such an understanding and with such a deep spiritual emotion , thank you! )


  1. Holy moly! I just wanted to say its a real delight to have stumbled onto your site this morning. (Wandered over this way from The Hedge Druid's site.)

    I started carving/whittling a little over a year ago when my grandfather (an avid carver in his youth) passed away and I inherited one of his favorite knives. Being a pagan, I've been looking for inspiration and your work is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!
    ~Bryan R.~

  2. Dear Bryan , thank you very much for you visit and comment , so nice of you ! :) ... Hope to see you again coming here and maybe you will you show some of your carving !?



  3. Oh, this looks like Tuilleach's little brother or sister!! All the best to them on their adventure...

  4. :) ... I like the family idea ! :)