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Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Celebrating the Path of The Goddess"

The making has been a beautiful endeavour ones again , working with my helpers to celebrate the Soul of an other is true joy!
As soon as I knew that they are finally together , a wave of contentment came to me , what could be a better reward!? :)
I'm sincerely honoured by such a level of confidence, the true kindness of the act with such a soulful intent, I'm deeply thankful for such experience.

Here are the word of this sweet lady from Switzerland :

" Today there was a little package in my letter box, a very special envelope coming from another continent. I took it very gently and hold it like a child, because I knew that its content was very precious. I finally met my Talisman, had the joy to touch and smell it: I have never seen such a beautiful piece of craft and still feel dazed that it’s mine…

Meeting my Talisman is a violent experience. It’s violent because it comes from a deep place where feelings are true and free, a place where Women are wise, wild, untamed and true to themselves.

Looking at my Talisman I can see my face carved in the wood, I even think I can hear our two hearts beat in unison. I feel proud, proud to be an ageless woman, proud to wear this magical piece of wood.

Now I have another wish: be able to visit and meet Oonagh, thank her and share some food with her:)"


  1. This is beautiful work, as always, Oonagh! And it sounds like the talisman found her soulmate... I love the stories around all these treasures that spring into life under your hands :-))

  2. thanks to both of you for your comments . :))