All objects presented on this site are produced, one at a time, by hand. Many hours go into the process of releasing the message and personality from block of solid wood.

The designs are original reflections and reinterpretations of ancient artifacts. Each piece is given the full attention of the crafter (she does not approve of the rightful title "artist"), holding and meditating over, drawing from it the energy within. These meditations are a spiritual act to the crafter and within each piece she infuses an intent that allows access to a response. The finished products are a translation of that response using a "dialog without words".

The items presented here are all searching for their true owners. Since you have found yourself here, please browse. There may be something that belongs to you.

Please understand, these objects do not exist to be trinkets. While there is eternal friction between spirituality and commerce, it is a modern tragedy that the latter must be considered with the former. Each piece is priceless to someone and timeless to us all. It is with considerable discomfort that a monetary quantity must be applied, therefore pricing is not listed here to detract from or diminish this sites true purpose.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Celebrating the Path of The Goddess"

The making has been a beautiful endeavour ones again , working with my helpers to celebrate the Soul of an other is true joy!
As soon as I knew that they are finally together , a wave of contentment came to me , what could be a better reward!? :)
I'm sincerely honoured by such a level of confidence, the true kindness of the act with such a soulful intent, I'm deeply thankful for such experience.

Here are the word of this sweet lady from Switzerland :

" Today there was a little package in my letter box, a very special envelope coming from another continent. I took it very gently and hold it like a child, because I knew that its content was very precious. I finally met my Talisman, had the joy to touch and smell it: I have never seen such a beautiful piece of craft and still feel dazed that it’s mine…

Meeting my Talisman is a violent experience. It’s violent because it comes from a deep place where feelings are true and free, a place where Women are wise, wild, untamed and true to themselves.

Looking at my Talisman I can see my face carved in the wood, I even think I can hear our two hearts beat in unison. I feel proud, proud to be an ageless woman, proud to wear this magical piece of wood.

Now I have another wish: be able to visit and meet Oonagh, thank her and share some food with her:)"


  1. This is beautiful work, as always, Oonagh! And it sounds like the talisman found her soulmate... I love the stories around all these treasures that spring into life under your hands :-))

  2. thanks to both of you for your comments . :))