Le sable pour sortilège

« Travailler le sable , c’est sculpter à l’envers, c’est “ressouder” les grains entre eux , et modeler la pierre. Ce n’est pas creuser, mais construire un nouveau volume, dans toute sa fragilité. » Ainsi Oona gwelloc’h évoque t’elle son plaisir à minutieusement, doucement, bouleverser la nature. Sans jamais, bien sûr, lui manquer de respect.

Le sable, donc: L’artiste le colore, pigments en poudre minérale, ou végétale, qui soudain font corps et âme avec les grains, alliance chaude, mate, d’une inégalable profondeur, plongée ensorcelante d’une nature vers une autre, comme une évocation des cycles de transformation, après la Vie , la mort, et de nouveau la vie.

Entre peinture et sculpture, ensuite, il s’agit de travailler la matière en fines couches successives, mille feuilles instinctivement composé, au fil d’un geste inlassablement répété, mouvement méditatif grâce auquel atteindre une dimension inédite, de l’infiniment petit -le grain- à l’infiniment grand - le cosmos- de l’hier au toujours, de la réalité à l’intemporel.

Empreints de thèmes symboliques ou mythologiques, Les « sablés » d’ Oona gwelloc’h racontent tous une histoire d’outre-monde, fossiles d’art qui disent l’au-delà. Un au-delà serein, d’emblée inscrit dans l’éternité.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lughnasadh, vacation time .

It is two years and few months , that I worked literally none stop, and it is time to get out of the studio , and travel to The Islands.

Lughnasadh is gathering tribal time , and I will do just that! :)

For two weeks I will be gone, and hopefully I will stay away from computers. If you send messages, please be patient, I will answer when I get back around the 9th of August.
Wiz Art's etsy shop is also closed for that duration, it is why the window on the left is blank for now. But no worries it will be back too ...

Happy Lughnasadh to every one. May Lugh shine on you and your Tribe.

By the ebb and Flow

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Pendulum & a Pendant , in one .

Can be use as a pendulum by his pointy shape , an attractive et feminine pendant . It is the first of that shape that I carved in Aspen wood , again the light colour of Aspen make it very special looking.
for sale on Wiz Art Etsy shop ( Direct link on the left of this page)

Walnut Knife and Aspen Pendant .

These were made for a long time Friend of mine from Brittany, an other commission work and it was so fun to work for somebody that I know since such a long time ! :)
The fun is also that these pieces are going to Brittany , my beloved mother land and will be kept on my friend's heart !

Aspen Pendant .
I forgot again to take a last pic before sending it to my friend , this pics was at the last coat of beeswax, before polishing. oops !
Aspen is a pretty smooth wood to carve , the ivory/vanilla colour makes it very noticeable .

A walnut Knife :
Opinel # 8 .
The Dark colour of Walnut wood is very attractive of carving organic , even abstract organic designs.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ceremonial Staff

I finally can talk a little bit more about THE staff of Wiz Art this year, I say staff of the year because it took 5 months to make and it was an intensive work. But really I had a blast working on it !

I first want to thank again , Malcolm , Druid of the Isle of Wight that had confidence in me to create such a important piece , but more I would like also to thank him for his patience , understanding and kindness during the making.

We had talked before and exchange few emails to get around the idea, what was the meaning of such a tool for him , and discuss as well his glorious island and grove, The Spirit of the land . I tried to tune as much as possible in the symbols that could have a deep spiritual meaning for him, and called my own allies to show me the way and contact his allies . All this process is done in a very humble way , I do not pretend to enter the sacred world of the person that commission a piece , but gently connect to their own way. Then humbly again , I interpreted what I feel , see in dreams or meditative state, and let All take their own place.
Of course, the wood itself has is own demands , then it is in between the souls , symbols and the wood that the synergy is created .

Ash is a very hard wood , very hard labour for carving , but the carving is not going to get hurt and damage with time, instead . Such a staff is made for life, if maintained properly with a regular and good Oil coating will be enough, time will give it a beautiful Natural Patine .
I do not use none-organic products for the finish , as I do not use power tools, only because I strongly believe that wood is still breathing and feeling , even if it has been cut and carved , and I want to let him breath his new life and give him all the respect it deserves during the making. The hand carving is so slow , than that permit me the meditative state that this kind of spiritual work needs , and the joy of actively dreaming during long hours. This became the biggest part of my own spiritual practice.

All commissioned works , little or big like this one, are made with the same spirit and intention, tuning with each differently but with the same intensity .

The Epilogue of this great endeavour , is that this Ceremonial Staff was blessed on the Summer Solstice day , that he will be use as a spiritual tool on Sacred Celtic Land , more especially for me , in an Celtic Island , that always add a more mysterious ton in the Tale !

So ... May this Staff be blessed , his owner and this sacred Grove as well . It has been an Honour all the way , today just thinking about This staff and his Owner in the Island make me smile and dream. :)

( commissioned work made in 2011 )