Le sable pour sortilège

« Travailler le sable , c’est sculpter à l’envers, c’est “ressouder” les grains entre eux , et modeler la pierre. Ce n’est pas creuser, mais construire un nouveau volume, dans toute sa fragilité. » Ainsi Oona gwelloc’h évoque t’elle son plaisir à minutieusement, doucement, bouleverser la nature. Sans jamais, bien sûr, lui manquer de respect.

Le sable, donc: L’artiste le colore, pigments en poudre minérale, ou végétale, qui soudain font corps et âme avec les grains, alliance chaude, mate, d’une inégalable profondeur, plongée ensorcelante d’une nature vers une autre, comme une évocation des cycles de transformation, après la Vie , la mort, et de nouveau la vie.

Entre peinture et sculpture, ensuite, il s’agit de travailler la matière en fines couches successives, mille feuilles instinctivement composé, au fil d’un geste inlassablement répété, mouvement méditatif grâce auquel atteindre une dimension inédite, de l’infiniment petit -le grain- à l’infiniment grand - le cosmos- de l’hier au toujours, de la réalité à l’intemporel.

Empreints de thèmes symboliques ou mythologiques, Les « sablés » d’ Oona gwelloc’h racontent tous une histoire d’outre-monde, fossiles d’art qui disent l’au-delà. Un au-delà serein, d’emblée inscrit dans l’éternité.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Darkness of Sorrow and the Creative Fire .

I guess hard times are parts of life , and I must say this years I had my shares ! 2013 is the year that my marriage fail , my old cat of 18 passed , a close friend of mine also and then last week, one of my dog,  Tippy, got really sick, I had to help her following her path to the Otherworld !
All these events brought a great deal of Sorrow and Sorrow has been a feeling that I come to tame with experience of it ! I noticed that if I removed the ego part of it , everything got a bit easier to bear !

It is not, of course,  as easy as these words are to write , but it is the path I want to take for my own safety. My losses are one thing, the cycles of life and death are an other much more important, it is where I find a bit of comfort and balance. Anyway , I do not have a choice , I can't create if I'm out of balance. through my work I seek the symbols and the inspirations of my ancestors, before me they seek the way to deal with Life within the cycles of Nature., and I sincerely believe that if it wasn't a better time to live , it was certainly more in tune with their Natural surrounding than how we live in our time. It is where I choose to Live, through these symbols, in the pictorial remains of their endeavours through the spirit world of Nature, and the Wisdom they brought back from these realms explored.

The equinox is coming. I just hope that "The Old One" will not follow, during the dark months,  the ripping of my life and the ones I love, but instead let me bring inside my studio the creative fire that I'll need to warm my soul, and work hard inside during the dark times of Winter.

My studio is almost ready for the season, I organised and prepared well I think! let's see what comes out of my donjon ! :)

May you all have a great Equinox , may the light and the darkness be kind to you all !

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